Sunday, March 29, 2009

The rest of the Birthday

Here are some movies and pix from Taylor's official birthday party (the one on his birthday and with the family). We also played pin the tail on the donkey and chick fil a (I got bucky's BBQ). It was a lot of fun. Katie had Pirate day at school on Friday so that's what her pic is all about. There is a long video of him opening his presents, it's like 4 minutes long, and it wouldn't load so you'll just have to do without. Sorry!
Thanks to Hailey for the super hilarious goggles. You can see in the pic with Taylor making his Speed racer car fly that he is really into things that fly and sound effects. It's really funny to hear him. I'll try to capture it on video sometime.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taylor's B-day Party

We had a little birthday party for Taylor yesterday with a couple of his little friends from church and school. We met down at the little park in our neighborhood and bbq'd hot dogs and hamburgers. It was really low-key and absolutely perfect. I'm so glad it went off well. It was an insane day of running all around so it was a relief to make it to the party and relax.
We got Taylor that really cool motorcycle bike for his birthday. I wish they came in my size. I think it's so cool!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Little Pink Nightmare

Here are some pix of Sophie from Sunday. Craig had a ward conference that he had to go to so he didn't come to church with me. I seized the opportunity to do Sophie up in a non-Craig approved outfit. The little pink crocheted hat, sweater and booties were given to us when Katie was born. I thought they were cute with the little antique baby dress that Mommo gave us. Katie and Taylor thought the word "booties" was really funny when I was getting her dressed!
In other news, dinner tonight was really eventful. Craig and I wish that life had an instant replay button. We had eggs, turkey bacon, biscuits and orange julius for dinner. I like the orange julius really thick. Taylor dumped the entire contents of his orange julius onto his face. It was hilarious. We're still laughing about it. Man, it feels good to laugh until you cry (or drool if you're with Derek).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Katie issues a Challenge!

Hey Grandpa and Uncle Derek this challenge is for you.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


This is Taylor yesterday in his 6-9month "pants" that are now shorts and his 18 month BYU onesie that is now a shirt. Crazy kid. He wore those "pants" again today. Another great thing that happened yesterday. Taylor, Sophie and I went for a walk. They rode in our awesome double jogging stroller that I had to have and just love (yeah, now we have 5 strollers for 3 kids, but I love every one of them, strollers and kids). A white Dodge Durango drives by and he says "Look at that white van, mommy". I was actually watching it drive past and thinking about how ugly it was, I really don't like big American SUV's. Anyhow, then he says "When I'm a daddy, I'm going to go to the airport and get big white vans and ride on airplanes and stay at hotels and eat at restaurants". Craig has been traveling for work recently. So then I asked him, "Taylor, what do mommy's do?" and he says "make the dinner, clean it up and lay in the bed". OUCH!! I guess that confirms my belief that I should have been a daddy. I like being a girl, I just would rather do what the daddy gets to do. He's the most fun and gets paid and is the best looking and the smartest. I just get spit up on and have to deal with a stretched out body and messy house. Sucks to be me(I'm really good at pity parties, just ask my mom!). Anyhow, so then I tried to explain to him why I go back to bed after I feed him breakfast and put on his movie. But he zoned out when I tried to explain that at night when Daddy and Katie and Taylor are sleeping that Mommy is feeding Sophie and changing diapers. So I guess my kid thinks I'm lazy, but lucky him, he gets to grow up and be a Daddy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thank you Easter Bunny!

We had a fairly uneventful day. I went through the boy baby clothes to send them off to Hailey for Baby Pirate's impending arrival and Taylor fell back in love with some of his old clothes. Like the ones from when he wore a size 6-9 months. Sooooo funny! He is still wearing the track pants that he claims aren't too big(yeah, size 6-9 months). It's nice to know that in a couple months he'll be able to wear Sophie's clothes. All this coming from the kid who insists his size 4 underwears are too tight and his size 9 shoes are too tight. Go figure!
I also want let you know that I did not suggest he put on the rabbit suit. That was ALL Taylor. He loves playing dress-up. I still can't watch that video of him in the rabbit suit without giggling. It's all too reminiscent of The Christmas Story. I love it.
The last video is a little update on Sophie. I got her that mobile at a consignment shop. Pretty cool. She seems to like it without all the bells and whistles.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mom...we're sick...I think we're dying...(it's from the movie ET)

Well, Taylor had Strep throat starting last week. Craig missed some of the fun as he was out of town Monday through Wednesday. But no worries, Katie got sick Friday so Craig didn't miss everything. Anyhow, they gave Katie amoxicillon even though her strep test came back negative. Taylor's culture was so strong they figured that she probably had it as well and she may have(I guess that 1 in 10 cultures come back negative). She seems to be working on a sinus infection now. Any idea if the amoxicillon will help with that? It doesn't seem to be helping at all. I really don't want to take her back in. I think I'm bankrolling a new pool for the Dr. at this point. We'd love any extra prayers out there that Sophie doesn't get any of this. We spent a quiet weekend at home. I did escape to the spa on Saturday for a facial. It was fantastic. I was glad that I had saved my gift certificate from Valentine's Day 2008 until after I had Sophie. We quarrentined ourselves on Sunday as well. There is some nasty stuff going around, 2 of Katie's classmates have been in the hospital. One with Pneumonia and one with Rotavirus (ick). 5 were out sick today and the kid we carpool with (who probably helped pass on strep since he had it the week before us, but what can you do?), is out sick now. Needless to say, our warm weather is gone. We're back to rain (buckets of it, I'm guessing we're out of our drought now)and 40's. It's supposed to be up to around 70 tomorrow though. That'll be nice. Our backyard is currently a pond.
Oh, hey dad, can you come untangle the slinky for us again? hee hee!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

and now it's Summer...

Today it was nearly 80 degrees. A lot different than the beginning of the week in the 20's. We spent the entire day outside. The kids road bikes and played in the sprinklers and we tried out a new ice cream shop on the way home from "Play it Again Sports". We didn't find a new softball mitt for Craig, but we all really enjoyed the gelati at the ice cream shop.

Friday, March 6, 2009

More Snow day pix

Here are some more pix of our snow day, the first one. They shouldn't have canceled school after that first day if you ask me and there was really no need for a late arrival the day after that. But I liked the late day. School should always start at 10am! I got to sleep in and still Katie got to go to school! The best of both worlds! Anyhow, you'll enjoy the pic of Katie pouting in the snow, that's her reaction to me asking her to stand by the snowman that she and Craig built. You can see that Craig, Taylor and Sophie were happy to oblige my request for a picture by Frosty. She's full of it! You can see the first pic of Sophie, she fell asleep during the sledding.

Sorry about the sideways video, I keep forgetting you can't take a video that way!

We tried to go sledding on the lid of our turtle sandbox. It didn't work very well at all.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a Winter Wonderland!!!

It's a snow day at our house! The best part about living in the South is that when it does snow, we're ALL snowed in! Craig's home too! I'm the luckiest girl in the World!!! It is funny to realize that we've been in warmer climates long enough that we don't really have snow clothes for the kids. Rain boots work pretty well though. As you can see we're all enjoying being snuggly warm with movies and fun color/painting books from Auntie Kathie(thanks!). We had a wonderful breakfast of turkey bacon, eggs and sourdough bread. I'm gonna take a shower, make cookies, read my book and organize Sophie's room. All the things I didn't get done this weekend! Hurray for an extension of the weekend!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's raining, it's snowing the Craig man is snoring...

It was been raining non-stop since Friday morning and I think we're out of the drought by now. As you can see Craig has been catching up on his sleep this weekend. Last week was really busy for him, he had work or church obligations (or both) every night. I was going nuts with a week away from the gym and he was just worn out.
We have snow in the forecast it's trying to snow right now. You can't really tell from the video clip, but it's that rainy/wet snow. It's gonna be a royal mess if it does freeze tonight because there's standing water everywhere. I hope we don't lose power! Hailey, you and I have twinner playmats!