Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crazy Hair day and Halloween day/night

Here are the crafts for our November craft night at church. I'm in charge of the ribbon and bead necklaces (of course, jewelry can inspire me to be crafty). Then we have the soup jars, the magnets with the glass tiles and craft paper, the photo frame with craft paper and most spiritual, the family pic mat to go with the Proclamation on the Family.
Here's the kids' haul from their hour and 1/2 trick or treating on Halloween night. Our neighbor hood is amazing to trick or treat! We were blessed with a brisk but not freezing night too!
Here's the kiddos just getting ready to head out for Trick or treats. Taylor and Soph both found something to cry about while getting ready. It was a rough start but everybody came around and had fun!
I signed up to help with the Halloween party in Katie's classroom. I chose to be in charge of the food, of course! Decorating cake donuts. They were GOOD! Thanks Forest Hills Foods!
Here's Katie in the Halloween Parade at school. The snake is just a toy she is in love with right now. Go figure. The Super Girl costume was a find I couldn't pass up at a recent consignment sale for MOPS. Not too shabby for $5!
Here's Taylor in his classroom party with his good friend Annie!(yes, Yoda).
Here's Sophie in her toddler bed(the crib converts). Sadly, she kept falling out of bed (like 3x's a night) so we put the side back on. Funny girl! Today at lunch while I was talking about how she looks like a sweet angel that fell straight out of heaven she announced to all of us "I tooted. That's gross!". I appearances can be deceiving!
This is my favorite picture of the kids maybe EVER! It was Crazy Hair Day a couple weeks ago and this is the kids with their "crazy hair". I like that Sophie has a stuffed dog down her shirt. She wore it that way all the way to the gym!