Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Hailey Leavitt Baby Pool is open!

Send in your guesses for the Hailey Leavitt Baby Pool! She's due with baby #2 (baby pirate or Griffin Derek Leavitt) on May 13th! Whoever guesses the correct day gets a grand prize. I must apologize to the multiple winners of the Leisy and Kent Baby pool. Due to multiple winners and lack of addresses a name will be drawn today and I will announce who receives the prize for that at a later post.

I'm guessing that Hailey will deliver on May 12th. It's Katie's birthday and I think she'd be excited to share with the new baby.
Katie guesses Monday April 27th
Taylor guesses Sunday May 3rd
Betsie May 3rd
Rachael May 5th
Hailey May 8th
Kristen/Matt May 9th
Chele May 10th
Kathy Starkey May 10th
Leisy/Kent May 11th
Laney/Taylor May 11th
Mom Howell May 13th
Craig May 15th
Steve Leavitt May 16th

Best of luck to all the players! May the best guesser win!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katie makes a sandwich

Today Katie made a "ham and cheese" sandwich. Pretty funny stuff!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A delicious geography lesson

When we were up in Ohio we went to Heini's Cheese factory down in Amish country and we saw these state cookie cutters. We already had Ohio but we got the other states that we had lived in---NY, KY, SC. I also got ID, UT and WA, but now that I think about it I forgot to get Montana, oops! maybe next time. The kids and I had fun making state biscuits and eating them with the jam we got in Ashland at Grandpa's Cheesebarn. Yum Yum! I like the funny face that Katie's making in the jam pic. I don't think she knew I was taking her picture).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary (almost)!!

Yesterday Craig and I (and Sophie)went down to Atlanta for the day to see the Chinese Terracotta Soldiers exhibit at the High Museum and tour CNN. We had planned on visiting the King Tut Exhibit at the Civic Center as well, but we ran out of time so we'll have to do that later. Maybe Katie and Taylor would like that. We had so much fun. We started by touring CNN and then went to lunch at this place called "The Varsity" over by Georgia Tech. It is the biggest Drive-in ever. It can hold like 600 cars! Unbelievably huge and known for hot dogs and onion rings and the "what'll ya have? what'll ya have?" saying. It was a pretty good greasy spoon. I liked all the shredded lettuce on my burger. The onion rings were good. Sophie LOVED the cups! She couldn't stop staring at them and really, really wanted to put them in her mouth. It was so funny, she was so excited she was shaking!
After lunch we had timed entrance tickets to the High museum. Maybe Laney can explain to my why we buy timed entrance tickets to these things and then wait in a line longer than the regular ticket line to get our "e tickets" even though we've already printed them off. Why do we bother buying ahead online??? Anyhow, the exhibit was really neat. I would love to someday go see the real Terracotta Soldiers. I learned lots of things I didn't know like the Chinese money is round representing the heavens and the square represents the Earth, I guess they thought the Earth was flat still. Then I learned the China probably comes from the Qin (pronounced "Chin") Dynasty. 23 square miles that have been discovered so far. That's alot of Soldiers 7,000 and it took 1,000 to build them. Then the Emperor's tomb has not yet been excavated because it's believed that he had rivers of mercury (he really didn't want to die) within the mountain that held his tomb. They are waiting until better methods to preserve and un-Earth the tomb have been discovered. WOW! They have been working on this site since 1974! Talk about job security!

Then we went to dinner at a place called Mary Mac's Tea Room that I have seen featured on Food Network and the Travel Channel. Sorry for the blurry picture. I was walking while shooting it. It was good! I loved the fried green tomatoes, chicken n dumplings, pot likker and cracklin' cornbread and their yeast rolls. The peach cobbler was okay but they should have used fresh peaches. Craig liked their banana pudding.
It was so fabulous to go down and escape for the day! It really was a great way to celebrate our 9th anniversary.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Last week was Katie and Taylor's Spring Break. We decided to go up to Ohio to visit the Starkey's and see the Twinners (Leisy, Kent, Zeb, Ike and Laney, Taylor and Hank)for Easter. It really is a beautiful drive, but very long. I was really impressed by the kids, they did awesome. NO MELTDOWNS! NO THROWING UP! Hurray for portable DVD players and dramamine.
In the end it was all worth it. We had so much fun. Katie's fever actually went down the morning we were scheduled to leave and that's an answer to prayer! We got up to Oho Thursday night. Friday we hung out with Mommo and went to visit Craig's Dad at his Chiropractic office and Craig and I went to Grandpa's Cheesebarn and Sweetie's to pick up some Easter goodies. Saturday the twinners came down to Ashland and we hung out and visited Amish country and then had a bonfire with Hot dogs and s'mores. A big thanks to Mommo/Yaya/Kathy for hosting us and to Donna Starkey for the fabulous Chicken salad croissants (yum yum). Saturday night we played Euchre and talked and were very silly, it was wonderful.
Sunday we took over the Ashland branch and that was fun too. Then we feasted on Greek food and traditional Easter fixin's (you have to say "fixin's" once you live in the South). It was sad when it was all over but we're glad we went!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is Post 200!

Yes it's true, this is post #200! wow! what a prolific blogger I am! Here are some pix of our Conference/pre-Easter weekend. We had an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday at our neighborhood park. Also on Sunday we dyed Easter eggs and had an Easter Egg hunt in our backyard with them. It was fun, then Craig and I threw the eggs at each other until they broke to pieces, that part was really fun. I really like throwing food! It's so funny to me.
We had a really nice Conference weekend. I was amazed at how peaceful and enjoyable conference can be when enjoyed at home and the kids are old enough to keep themselves entertained through the Saturday sessions. I must be all grown up because I was really sad to have it all end on Sunday afternoon.
The kids are on Spring break this week and we've planned a trip up to Ohio for the holiday. We're so excited to see Yaya and Papa and the twinners and families. The van is getting a couple repairs today in hopes that all will go well on our trip(oil change, new serpentine belt and brake fluid flush).