Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Pool Time!!!

Hey Everybody! Time to play a Leisy Miller baby pool!!! You know the rules, pick a day and a gender and email or facebook me or comment on this blog (or text me) and I'll send a prize to the person who wins!!!! Her official due date is March 5th. I'm going to guess she's having a boy on February 29th (There can be multiple guesses for the same combination of gender and day). Happy guessing (and Happy laboring Leisy!!!). Hope you like the pic Leisy! Since there's never been a photo of you with your pregnant belly (and many of us doubt it even exists), I chose this one of you with the boys! I hope Kent doesn't feel left out!

Hold on to your hats everybody!! Prepare yourselves for a baby boom of cheesy cousins!! My cousin Megan (and hubby Kevin Hinman) are also expecting a baby. They are due on March 10th, they already know they are having a boy, but send in your guesses for which day he'll make his big arrival! Congrats Megan and Kevin! (Same rules apply to this baby pool as the one for Leisy! Prizes!!)

Keep an eye out for Metta and Clair's baby pool!!! They are due July 2nd but I'm going to wait until they find out the gender to start the pool!

Baby Pool Time!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Night at the Museum and Snow Days

Here's one of the knights from the sword fight. He looked really hot (as in too warm) after the fight. I don't think that armor and chain mail was very good at wicking away the sweat! Sorry for the blurry pic. Low lighting +mediocre
Here's a pic of Soph right was we were getting ready to leave. This whole area was packed full of people on our way in!
There were real dolls having a tea party!
Here's a pic of the fam on the porch of a house in the historic downtown Grand Rapids exhibit!
The kids all got a chance to try to ride this bike!
We had fun riding the carousel!
Here's a pic of the planetarium. It was cool, the guy was dressed like an astronaut and had a blow up Alien as his assistant!
I would have loved to have been wearing one of these costumes!
Soph looked good dressed as a general in the Union Army.
Here's Taylor all dressed up!
Here's another knight! Below is a pic of Sophie and the snowman we made with the snow we got after Christmas. Here's proof for Hailey and Steve that we didn't steal the snow from the neighbors to make our snowman! The snow was heavy and wet and we just kept rolling the snow balls around the yard until they were big enough to stack! All the rest of the snow around the snowman melted so it looked like we'd imported snow to make our snowman by the time Hailey and Steve showed up! :>
Here are some more pix of our Christmas vacation! We went to a special Night at the Museum event at our Grand Rapids Public Museum and it was pretty awesome! We got to go in to the dimly lit (but decorated for Christmas) museum and have dinner (pizza, lasagna, bread sticks, salad and pop, later followed by chocolate chip cookies and cocoa later in the evening). We also got to attend the Christmas lazer light show at the planetarium and listen to a concert on the big organ and go through all the exhibits and watch a real sword fight (real swords spark when they fight, did you know that? The armor weighs 75 lbs alone!). They had a really neat exhibit on the Civil War and it was so cool to see all the costumes. There were pharaoh costumes too! We also got to see a real print shop from the turn of the century and watch them printing some flyers and go for a ride on the carousel.