Sunday, January 31, 2010

Here's some pix of the new house FINALLY!

I tried to post a video I took of the new house but it wouldn't upload. Any thoughts of how to get a longer video to upload? Here are some pix of the kids in the new house. I'll try to take a couple shorter videos of the house to post. I did find the charger to the camera battery so that's gonna help.

The pic of Sophie on the stair is where she likes to watch me make dinner. She is constantly on the stairs. She hasn't fallen down the stairs as much as I anticipated, but still she's take a couple pretty good headers off of them. The rest of the pix are self explanatory. I'll see if the house video will post to facebook!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here's the rest of the post!

Sorry I had to leave the last post before posting the pix of Chicago (had to get ready and go to church). Here are the pix of Chicago.

Catch up time!

Since you heard from us last we've done a lot of traveling and visiting and hoteling. We visited with the Eichhorns for the last time (for a while) and packed up our stuff (with the worst movers in history) and droves South to visit the Martinez'. Our visit was so fabulous. They have the nicest kids ever, and I'll have you know that I don't usually feel that way about our friends kids. While we were down South we went to Disney World (the Happiest place on Earth), it was probably the coldest day of the year down there, but the crowds were non-existant until the afternoon when it warmed up a bit. I would take the cold over the crowds any day.

You'll notice the pic of Katie pouting and Taylor sucking his thumb, that is right before we went into the park. It's a good thing I was going to Disney World for ME because you can see how excited Katie was about it! We did have a wonderful day though.
I had a goal to see a crocodile in the wild in FL but the ones on the jungle ride at Disney World were as close as we came. So the night ended with a parade and fireworks as every night should. We had to say good-bye to the Martinez' the next morning and head off to the airport to fly up to MI and start our really cold adventure.
After we got up to Grand Rapids we had 17 days of hotel living before us. This would put to the test the kids dream of wanting to live in a hotel. After all was said and done I think they still liked it. I know they're happy to have a basement and a yard to sled in though. Our second weekend in the hotel we were starting to go nuts so we took Laura and Robert up on their offer to have us down to Chicago for a visit. It was so fun and the kids played together so well (and the parents did too!). We also got to stop by and visit Grandma Arends and Aunt Midge. We were so happy when Billy, Laura, Katie and Amy also showed up! Such a fun impromtu family reunion. It's unreal to be so close after being so far for such a long time!