Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer Synopsis

 First day of school!!
 Before catching the bus!
 We went to the Ada Farmer's Market almost every Tuesday!
 Craig and I caught a concert at Frederik Meijer Gardens (thanks Hailey!!)!
 We celebrated the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and watched it incessantly!
 We discovered a fabulous new beach! Duck Lake!! Two lakes for the price of one with a shallow, warm channel between and minnows to catch!
 We visited Yaya and Papa and saw the hot air balloons fly over their house!
 We survived having our house on the market from July 21st-Sept 25th and had showings 4x's or more each week!!
We visited Hailey and Steve in Chicago!

 We worked really hard as "Team Starkey" to keep the house perfectly clean at all times (and showered at the pool ALOT)!
 We went to the beach without Daddy and everybody carried stuff!(and nobody got lost or drowned)!
 We explored more of Michigan and loved everything we saw!
 We had the most fun on the Alpine Slides! Well, Taylor and I did! Best memory ever, riding down the slides with Taylor and him yelling over and over "This is soo fun!!! This is fun!!" and laughing like a maniac and say "don't slow down!" (as if I'd slow down!).
 We goofed off during dinner.
 We played at the park (alot).
 We discovered a new wonderful place to get frozen yogurt (Spoonlickers) and had so much fun licking the spoons clean!
We went to the mudroom and painted some cool pottery!