Friday, February 26, 2010

The cabbage is crabby and ornery and feeling very low!!!

Last night Katie was her 2nd grade musical entitled "How does your Garden Grow?". It was so fun and thankfully not very long. Sophie, Taylor, Craig and I really enjoyed watching it. She delivered her line perfectly. I'm going upload a video but I have to apologize because I was trying to video while holding Sophie or Taylor or both, anyhow, you can hear her line at the beginning of the video and I was taping in the area where her class was, but for some reason she was on the other side of the stage delivering her line, so you won't be able to see her until after her line is past. Anyhow, she looked so cute in her pink stripey shirt, face paint and little flower wreath.
I also thought the pic of Sophie staring at the camera up close was hilarious!! Cute chubby baby face!

We made cookies the other night and this was Sophie enjoying her cookie, YUM YUM!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The master bathroom

Sophie's room

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Taylor's Pirate room (sorry for the mess, pirates aren't so neat).

Katie's room (the hutch will go downstairs, but hasn't yet).

The hallway (looking from the kitchen)

Kitchen and family room

Living room and dining room
Here's some pix to show you all of mom and my hard work! Isn't it wonderful?!

Monday, February 8, 2010

and so it begins...

I have paint in my hair all the time now! I started priming the house last week. I got just about a room a day done. Unfortunately I had to take off Tuesday because of my new calling. 2nd Counselor in YW. We had a super long presidency meeting during Taylor's preschool and then activity night that night. I need to paint Sophie's room next, but she's sleeping in there and when she's sleeping is the only time I can paint, but not her room. Anyhow, I was supposed to do that this weekend, but I had to teach YW so I planned that instead and tomorrow I'm in charge of our activity. Whew. Too much to do.
The unpacking is bascially done. The house is a disaster, I'm running around trying to paint and buy hooks and window coverings and find everything a new place in the new house. I'm going to start a list of things I love about the new house so I won't be so sad about all the things I REALLY REALLY miss about South Carolina (ie: our FRIENDS, the WEATHER, a house that I was done painting, hooks and shelves and curtains already done). This house is great though (will be great). It stays alot warmer (believe it or not), the basement is so fun, great storage and fun play room, fabulous guest suite. We have canned lighting in the kitchen. The fire place is so pretty (and not drafty). The neighborhood is great, we can skate on the pond across the street and we have our very own playset in the backyard and all our neighbors have dogs and kids to play with. It's usually around 11 degrees when we walk to the bus stop in the morning, but this morning the sun was out! See, there's lots of good stuff....
Here's the master bathroom. It is all finished now, but you can see when I took the picture how dark and miserable that brown/red was.

Here's Taylor's room, I primed this one first. I'm thinking we'll do a soothing gray/blue in here. Hopefully not too dark. I really want to paint his bed red. He isn't so sure about that.