Friday, June 27, 2008

Let's go to the Zoo!

Yesterday I didn't feel like going to the gym so I mowed the lawn and then packed a lunch and we all went to the zoo. It was fun. The zoo doesn't open until 10am and it was plenty hot and humid by then, but it was still fun to be there all together and we didn't even need a stroller!(I've really made it in life now!). It was really hot by the time we were done at noon, but it was fun.

SUPER big muscles!

Taylor got a new superman backpack to take with us on our trip to CA. With his new backpack came some "stamps" as Katie calls them(sounds better than tattoos anyhow). Taylor rolls up his t-shirts and jammies so he can always see his "stamp". Also he kept his hand over it in the shower to make sure it wouldn't fall off. Here's Taylor showing off his Super big muscles!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

yum yum, must be summer!

This is Taylor on Sunday enjoying his ice cream cone! looks good, huh? So he's either a little boy with ice cream or he's Santa Claus! It's funny to think that Saturday was the official first day of summer since we've been warm and swimming daily since the beginning of May.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poor Egg

Craig got bit by something wicked this week. We're not really sure what got him, but I think it happened on Monday. We went to the park to let the kids play and Craig went for a run around the park while we were there. When we got back I noticed those red bites on the back of his knee. That night he felt feverish and achy and the next day he felt miserable. His bites looked NASTY! All red and swollen and weepy. Icky! I tried to get him to go to the Dr before he headed out of town, but he said he didn't have time, so he went the next afternoon when he came back from his business trip. The dr. said it didn't look like a brown recluse or black widow bite. But something got him. It looks like it fell on his leg while he was running and then got pinched when he bent his leg and it bit him. Anyhow, he's got 4x's a day antibiotics and a topical cream so we can avoid an amputation (hee hee). The laying down pic is a reenactment of how miserable he felt.

Monday, June 16, 2008

7th year of Girls Camp

I spent last week Tuesday to Saturday at Girl's Camp as the Ward Girls Camp Director. It was really hot and humid and REALLY buggy (they have super big bugs down here)and sometimes really fun too. The first pic is the first day at the flag ceremony. We were smurfs (our ward, our theme was Divine nature and our color was blue). I made all those funny smurf hats for the girls. I actually made one and then took it to show them thinking they wouldn't want to wear it, but they all did. This is almost all the girls, we had 19 this year. Alot to keep track of, if you ask me!! I'm glad I just have 2 kids! The second pic is of my breakfast one morning. Biscuits and gravy and cheese grits. I did eat the biscuit and gravy, but only a bite of the grits. Those girls love grits though. I don't really know why. The last pic we staged a car wreck and I got to be pegged between a car and a tree. The severed arm was better.

Hot Chicks like winners!

Drum roll please!!! The winner of the Laney and Taylor Hawes Baby Pool is Chris Howell!!!
Congrats to Laney and Taylor and their new little baby boy born June 6th!!! Also a congrats to Chris Howell (dad to me, uncle chris to many of you) for correctly guessing the day and gender of their offspring (sounds like derek wrote that!). Thanks to all of those who participated!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Those were the good old days, right?'

I'm trying to psych myself up for another baby after just finishing with Taylor's potty-training. These pix are pretty fun!

Happy Holidays!

So, for those of you who haven't heard, we are expecting another baby to arrive on Christmas Day!! Yeah, we thought we try one more time and see if we got a baby that had dark hair or eyes this time. Think it'll happen? I'm sure I don't know the odds, but it's possible, supposedly the dark hair/eye gene is dominant. hmmm...Here's a couple pix of our first two as they appeared when we first met them. Katie is being "nursed" by Craig's nose and Taylor was looking angelic (something he rarely does anymore, but had mastered as an infant!).

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Katie's a First Grader now!

Katie had her last day of Kindergarten "lasterday". She's all done now! We had a good year and we're excited for the summer. Although it's not officially summer, we've been at the pool everyday for the past month or so and yesterday we hit 100 degrees. It's gonna be a long hot summer down here. Can you tell I'm excited? YIKES! (Don't forget to add in humidity). I'm thinking our trip to CA will be a nice breather.
I'm going to attach some video I took of Katie's graduation. I took a blurb at the beginning and then the second video is Katie walking the stage to get her certificate.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lake ALURE!! (okay, really Lake Lure)

Here's some pix from our visit this week with Ya ya and Paw Paw. We went to Lake Lure up in NC on Thurs. It was so beautiful. It's one of the locations where they shot "Dirty Dancing" and other movies like "Firestarter" and "Last of the Mohicans". The first pic is Katie and Ya ya being jacket Twinners! We took a fun boat tour of the lake. The second pic is the house I picked! Nice, huh? you should come visit sometime! The third is some turtles we saw. The fourth is one of the fabulous views! Gorgeous! The last pic is of the bay where they shot some scenes from "dirty Dancing". It was late oct when they shot so it must have been freezing when they shot the water scenes and they paid locals to spray paint hte leaves green!