Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Fest

The parade had a large collection of preschools and tractors. I guess there is an ambundance of those things in Zeeland. Who knew! I thought perhaps there would have been more PUMPKINS!
They did throw quite a bit of candy! (although not for Kent, even though he begged for it on hands and knees!!).

Cute kiddos! Notice the straw sunbathers behind them! It's kind of uncomfortable to look at scarecrows in bathing suits. It just seems....poiky.

Did you know that Madonna once called Michigan home?

Look!! A famous "Michigonian"!

I wonder where this bus goes... or maybe the better question is, where does it start?

A couple weeks ago we went up to a "Pumpkin Fest" parade in Zeeland MI. It was nearly as pumkiny as I thought it should be but it was still fabulous to hang out with Leisy, Kent, Zeb and Ike! We were lucky enough to talk them in to coming up to visit for the weekend. Unfortunately, poor Ike had a horrible ear infection (unknown to all of us until Saturday night or Sunday morning early) and had to be taken to the ER in the middle of the night!! Poor baby! We are still so glad they came to hang out with us on that chilly Conference Weekend!

Every Sunday

Every Sunday the ice cream man (or ladyin our case) drives through our neighborhood, right after we get home from church playing "popeye the sailor man" as loud as can be. EVERY SUNDAY!!! A bunch of the neighborhood kids run out and get ice cream. Our kids know that we won't be getting any (before you feel too bad, realize that we often have ice cream in our freezer), but they always run out and watch longingly at the truck. One time Taylor even asked if they could come on a different day "because we don't buy ice cream on Sunday". But, unfortunately, the lady said "no". So here's a pic of those poor Starkey kids who's crazy religious parents make them keep the sabbath day holy!! :>