Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Biggest aquarium in the WORLD!!

We went to the Aquarium in Atlanta, GA on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Just so you know (I didn't until we went), that is a big holiday down in Atlanta. All the adults are off. It was crowded. But we still had fun. It's pretty amazing. I loved seeing the whale sharks and the beluga whales. It was a fun day. Taylor climbed through a tunnel and peaked at us through the window. It really bugged Katie that he was in there, she wouldn't go in and he wouldn't come out. That part was fun...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Everyday life with the Starkeys

Here's a little snapshot of our life in the past week. The kids were playing sometime last week with the burp rags that are all over the house. When we asked what they were doing they said that they were being farmers! How great is that!? So funny!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Awful House

When Mom and Dad were out we drove past this sign for "Waffle House". Now I don't know first hand that that "lunch runt" (restaurant) is actually awful, it sure looks like it is! Thanks for pointing that out Dad! Love it! The morning after we saw this sign we went out for breakfast at Stax's Omega Diner and had a wonderful breakfast! Thanks for that too Dad!

A Happy Garage

While Mom and Dad were out for Christmas, Dad and Craig overhauled the garage! It's so beautiful. Every time I pull in I enjoy it all over again! It feels like when you get home from a week at Girl's Camp and you take a shower and wash your hair and shave your legs! Much better than before. Before it felt like not washing your hair for a week! ack! A beautiful zen space! Thanks Craig and Dad!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Say "ahhhh"!

Here are some more pix of Sophie. She really is growing so fast! I'm enjoying most aspects the the newborn phase now that I'm feeling more recovered. It's kinda like falling in love all over again. Pretty cool! She even gave me some pretty good stretches of sleep last night. That's nice! I was beginning to feel like I'd never feel rested again. As it is I have a persistant headache from being wakened every 3 hours or less. The smiling picture occurred right after she spit up on my mom! Little monkey! The white tongue pic is hilarious! It looks like I just told her to stick out her tongue, in reality she was starting to yawn! I caught the pic of that crazy white tongue just in time!

Hollywild Wild Animal Park

I'm so mad at myself for forgetting to do this while my dad was here. We went with mom and the kids and drove through this crazy wild animal park that puts on a great lights display on New Year's day. I was really impressed with how big a production it is. They also had a "Winter Wonderland" with those blow up toys and more animals to see and a big bon fire for making s'mores, but none of us grown-ups could stand the thought of hauling the kids around out there(maybe next year). Taylor did a great job driving and we tried to feed the deer the $5 bag of bagels and english muffins that they sold us. The deer didn't want anything to do with our bread, but were eating what looked like animal feed from other cars. It was a lot of fun!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Here's a couple pix of Christmas

Here are some pix from our Christmas. I like the pic of the kids after church. Taylor came home from nursery saying he was an angel and wearing that tinsel halo. He's worn it off and on since then. I think most of the other pix are self explanatory. Taylor got that Buzz Lightyear costume from Santa and the scooter from Yaya. Katie got a leapster (handheld video game thingy). She also got a Barbie scooter from Yaya! They have both really enjoyed their scooters. It was so great to have my mom and Dad here for so long. Mom leaves tomorrow and Dad was here until last Monday. Sophie is getting bigger already. Her umbilical cord stump fell off last night. We took her to the Docter last week for her 2 week check and she's already up to 8lb 5oz, a whole pound above her birth weight. Her tongue is all white, any idea why? I think that I must be producing pure cream instead of milk! Katie's pink nightgown is from Grandma and her slippers too. Taylor also got really cute Lightening Macqeen and Mater slippers.