Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Pool Time!!!

Hey Everybody! Time to play a Leisy Miller baby pool!!! You know the rules, pick a day and a gender and email or facebook me or comment on this blog (or text me) and I'll send a prize to the person who wins!!!! Her official due date is March 5th. I'm going to guess she's having a boy on February 29th (There can be multiple guesses for the same combination of gender and day). Happy guessing (and Happy laboring Leisy!!!). Hope you like the pic Leisy! Since there's never been a photo of you with your pregnant belly (and many of us doubt it even exists), I chose this one of you with the boys! I hope Kent doesn't feel left out!

Hold on to your hats everybody!! Prepare yourselves for a baby boom of cheesy cousins!! My cousin Megan (and hubby Kevin Hinman) are also expecting a baby. They are due on March 10th, they already know they are having a boy, but send in your guesses for which day he'll make his big arrival! Congrats Megan and Kevin! (Same rules apply to this baby pool as the one for Leisy! Prizes!!)

Keep an eye out for Metta and Clair's baby pool!!! They are due July 2nd but I'm going to wait until they find out the gender to start the pool!


yaya said...

Ok, I'll go first. I think she's having a girl and I'm choosing my birthday as the arrival date..Feb. 28th..because let's face it..I'm awesome and anyone born on this day will also be awesome..and also she'll have a regular birthday although everyone will say to her: Is this your real date or are you a "leap baby"? OK, so maybe I'm no so awesome, but Leisy's baby will be!

Rachael said...

Leisy - a girl on March 6th because 3-6-12 has a nice ring to it.

Megan - same day, why not?! How cool would that be? 3-6-12

HowellAZ said...

Megan - Girl (jk we already know it's a boy) born February 29 (leap year baby!) 16 lbs. 32 oz. lots of red red red hair to live up to the name Thor Magnus. He'll prob be born with a hammer in his hand too.

Leisy - Girl (because we (scratch the "we" Chantal says she doesn't want to be included in "I") hope you get one) born March 1 because you want a leap year baby but you don't always get what you want. And...... hopefully no more than a 10 pounder.

emily suzanne said...

Leisy- girl on march 2nd :)
Megan- GUNTHER will be born on Bryson's birthday, Feb 28.

Jason & Shannon said...

Leisy & Kent Feb 27 girl.
Megan & Kevin March 17.