Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guess What!!!

 We hiked to Big Sable Lighthouse in Ludington State Park and climbed to the top, great day and great hike and great view!
 Here's the light house from the beach.
 Instead of hiking back through the dunes on the way back we walked the beach! Nice and cool and a blow pop for Soph and Tootsie Pop for Taylor kept everybody running along without any encouragement!
 Up at Crystal Mountain (the resort where we stayed the night, just South of Traverse City) they had these lines to walk on. Katie, Taylor and Soph were a bit obsessed, but they got pretty good.
 The next morning we had breakfast at this restaurant (kids ate free) and Soph really savored every sip of her hot cocoa with whip cream and sprinkles!
 Then we went geocaching to hike off breakfast! Man, give Taylor a gps and promise of treasure and he is a GREAT hiker!
 Katie loved the cinnamon rolls with breakfast!
 Sophie even caught a fish!
 And we saw this frog doing "cobra"( or up-dog position for you yoga fans).
 We also got to swim at the water park!
If you haven't heard by now, we are moving to the Portland, Oregon area (probably South Beaverton to be more specific). Unfortunately, I can't be more specific than that.  Our house is currently on the market and while we have had a multitude of showings and tons of great feedback we have yet to find somebody committed enough to give us an offer. So our future plans remain on hold while we wait for an offer.... every text message has me wondering if it's the real estate agent with a showing time or an offer, every phone call has me wondering if it's the real estate agent with an's complete torture! Talk about your lack of progression situation! I feel like we're living day to day (which we are), putting off buying school supplies and planning soccer, swimming and gymnastics. It has yet to feel very exciting, but the move was inevitable. GE was moving Craig to Cincinnati so when a recruiter called with a possibility in Portland we jumped at the opportunity. Cincinnati would have been a much easier more predictable way to go, but this is the 3rd house in 6 years that we've (I've) needed to sell so we were ready to try a different employer. Craig is enjoying his new position with Maxim Integrated (no, not Maxim Magazine, although Craig is quite dashing, hee hee! Maxim Integrated is based out of San Jose, CA and manufactures circuits used in cell phones, computers and thermometers to mention a few). He is excited to make his mark and get things in order for the HR side of Maxim. Here are some pix of Craig's recent visit back to MI.


yaya said...

Yeah! You posted! I know you are really busy but I was happy to see the pics of the kiddos on that fun, quick vacation. I'm still praying that the house sells soon and although I would have loved the Cinnci move, I know this is going to be great for your family. Looks like you are squeezing every good time out of Michigan though. That place looks like it was really cool. Sophie is my kind of girl with that hot cocoa and of course Katie had me with cinnamon roll love! I'll talk to you soon!

The coolest people you will ever meet said...

I thought you might have given up on blogging! Nice to have you back :)

donna said...

Thank you for catching us up! Great pics! Wish I got one more peek at Michigan before you left, but now that the decision has been made I just pray for your house to sell!

Jason & Shannon said...

Exciting! I'm glad you updated!